“CREN is a post-graduate led network, committed to exploring issues of race and ethnicity within academic research and practice.”



After the first meeting in October 2014, it was agreed that a large part of CREN’s role as a student-led network would be to set up a series of events which brought students, community members, and academics from different geographic locations into contact with each other to facilitate discussions of the ways in which ‘race’ and ‘ethnicity’ intersect with academic research and practice.

From 2014 – 2017, members of the steering committee hosted a series of events across the Universities of Sheffield, Leeds and York, ranging from research seminars, 2 conferences, film screenings and symposiums, all of which drew attendees from across (and beyond) the UK.

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Conference 2016

Members of CREN were delighted to organise the second installment of our annual conferences, this year titled “Intersectional Interventions: Connecting oppression anywhere to oppression everywhere”.